Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Standard Renewals

In addition to our Global Renewals, we send out standard renewals to our subscribers.

1)  The first renewal is sent out when the subscriber has 5 issues remaining
2)  The second renewal is sent out with 3 issues remaining
3)  The third renewal is sent out with 1 issue remaining
4)  The fourth renewal is sent out with -1 issues remaining. This is a grace issue that we send to our subscriber to let them know we sent them a free issue so they do not miss any.
5)  The final renewal is sent out after the second grace issue and usually includes a “we want you back” special offer.

On all of our renewal offers:

We have the printer put the subscriber’s name, account number and address in the tear-off form on the bottom of the page so the customer doesn’t have to rewrite their information. The printed piece is folded and the address shows through a #10 window envelope.

The preprinted tear-off form saves a ton of time with data entry when it is mailed to us because the data entry people only have to type in the account number instead of all the subscriber details.

We also found that using nonpaid envelopes vs. prepaid return envelopes has not suppressed our renewal returns (this was not the case a few years ago).

We also send out renewal emails before snail mailing them.


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